What is NPM?

This tutorial focuses on the npm (Node Package Manager), the standard command line tool to install Node.js dependencies, and also a public database of JavaScript packages available for download. Working with Node.js means we have a flourishing ecosystem of open source software and tools available. NPM helps us use these tools and libraries, enabling us to find, install, and manage them.

NPM Packages are accessible at npmjs.com, and we use the npm Command Line Interface (CLI) tool to install them properly into our application. Although npm started with Node.js packages, it is now an essential part of the entire JavaScript ecosystem and depended upon by web developers of all kinds.

In this tutorial we'll:

  • Understand the basics of the Node Package Manager
  • Learn about the role NPM plays in the JavaScript ecosystem
  • Learn about the NPM registry
  • Discuss the npm command line interface, and alternatives to it
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