Meet the team at Hey Node

Our values include doing great work, feeding creativity, spreading happiness, working together, building trust, and caring for our customers. Last but not least, we aim to empower people!

Addison Berry

Addi joined our sister company, Lullabot, as a developer, consultant, and trainer before becoming Product Manager and then Director of Education for Drupalize.Me. In 2016, when Drupalize.Me spun off into its own company, today’s Osio Labs, she took over as CEO.

Addi was the Drupal community documentation team lead from 2008 to 2010. In 2009, she used a Knight Foundation grant, which rewards innovative ideas with community benefit, to improve Drupal documentation. A co-author for the O'Reilly book Using Drupal, she was also named one of the Most Influential Women in Tech in 2010 by Fast Company Magazine.

Addi’s love of open source technology now manifests itself in her being a champion for its expansion. She credits the commitment and passion of her colleagues as her daily inspiration to always push herself to be better. When she’s not working, she’s hanging out in nature or reading - and on a good day doing both.

Amber Matz
Production Manager

A web developer since 1999, Amber is the production manager for Osio Labs, and is the driving force behind the ever-evolving content architecture. Amber still considers the feedback on client work she received from her local community as formative — and continues to get immense value from the insights and experience of learning developers.

She’s presented at conferences, worked as a program team volunteer, and is on the Drupal Documentation Initiative team. She’s co-presented in-person workshops at various events, helped organize the Pacific NW Drupal Summit, and works hard to contribute however she can to the community. She also regularly participates in local meetups in and around her home city of Portland, OR.

When Amber’s not immersed in content wrangling, she plays the accordion, crochets, reads, enjoys exploring the outdoors, and loves figuring out electronic kits. She also loves a good tulip festival.

Anna Mykhailova
Node.js Trainer

Anna is passionate about web development and has a thirst for knowledge. She enjoys trying new technologies, and is always seeking to improve her existing skills. Her background is in Drupal, (she’s an Acquia Certified Grand Master), and she brings real-world lessons learned from over five years of agency experience to the training material she produces. Anna has a deep understanding of Node’s internals, and enjoys finding ways to translate that knowledge into human-friendly examples and documentation.

“For me, the most satisfying feeling is completing a task that seemed impossible.”
Ashley Jones
Technical Support

After joining Osio Labs in July 2018, Ashley soon became our full-time Account Management and People Support for Hey Node, and Drupalize.Me, doing everything from financial reporting to administrative tasks, and handling the day-to-day operations of running an E-learning company like a boss. When she’s not supporting both our team and our customers, Ashley enjoys time with family and friends and traveling to exotic destinations.

Ashley is deeply familiar with the community spirit that drives open source. While living in Houston, TX, she contributed to the film community by supporting peer projects and volunteering on film sets for talent and crew.

She lives by a quote from Maya Angelou: “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”

Blake Hall
Senior Developer

Blake became a developer in 2003, holding to the widely held maxim that the biggest predictor of aptitude for computer programming is a deep comfort with meaninglessness.

Inspired by his experiences at JS.conf and NodeConf, Blake led Wisconsin's first NodeSchool event. He also organized the first Wisconsin Drupal camps starting in 2008. Blake has done extensive work with Node.js including helping build an agile QA tool for Lullabot.

From Blake's Bunyan-esque beard, his years as a cheese factory worker, his Packers season tickets, and his log cabin in the woods, Blake comfortably embraces several Wisconsin stereotypes. He’s happiest playing golf, reading about golf, watching golf, and thinking about golf. He also raises funds for diabetes and loves cooking for his family.

Joe Shindelar
Lead Developer / Trainer

Joe is a developer, art enthusiast, and snowboarder who’s been building web applications and participating in open-source development since 2006. He is part of the Drupal Documentation Working Group, helping to improve guidelines, policies, and overall quality of Drupal documentation. And loves to geek out on improving open-source documentation, and open-source community sustainability, whenever he gets the chance.

If he had a personal motto, it would be: “Go fast! Take chances!” He also loves ice cream. Like - a lot.

Jon Church
Node.js Specialist

As the Node.js subject matter expert for Hey Node, Jon considers himself first and foremost a writer working in the tech industry. He writes, researches, codes, and records courses that teach people the infinite possibilities of Node.js. He’s also super psyched to contribute to the project as an open source citizen. A self-taught developer, Jon loves sharing what he’s learned. Giving back to those who are where he was just a few years ago is the most rewarding part of his job.

Before working on Hey Node (and repatriating to his home state of Florida), Jon worked as a consulting developer living in Chiang Mai, Thailand. His goal is to one day be fluent enough in Thai to order his favorite noodle soup, Khanom Jeen Nam Ngiaw, exactly how he likes it.

Outside of work, Jon loves cooking, especially for his family. Before becoming a developer, he worked as a vegan chef for the music streaming startup Grooveshark.

Jon Peck
Technical Reviewer

As Hey Node’s technical reviewer, Jon ensures the content is accessible and fulfills the intent of the educational goals. He's passionate about open-source software, including code and project contributions within the Node.js and Drupal communities. His presentations at open-source conferences across North America have included topics such as site and code quality auditing, performance optimization, and architectural best practices. Jon can be found on the internet as @fluxsauce.

“My input as a reviewer should move the conversation forward while giving space to the author for maintaining their own voice.”
Philippa Stasiuk
Marketing Coordinator

Philippa joined the Osio Labs team in the summer of 2018, and has been juggling marketing and content strategy endeavors ever since. She started out in marketing as a copywriter for a digital agency in Copenhagen, Denmark. Before that, she worked as a reporter for a historic weekly newspaper in upstate New York. Since moving back to the states with her family, Philippa has written, edited, and provided content strategy for many websites and blogs, and sometimes still writes freelance articles. As a formative lesson in content strategy, the achievement she’s most proud of is her young adult mystery novel about a prizewinning whippet.

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